Journals and E-Book Publications

Selected papers will be accepted through a double-blind peer-review process and will be published in SCOPUS indexed Journals. Other options are to publish as an e-book or in selected journals. 

All accepted abstracts will be published through conference e-proceedings via the Thinkspace webpage.

We are pleased to mention our publication partners as follows.

  • SCOPUS-indexed  JESTEC: Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
  • SCOPUS-indexed PMJ: Planning Malaysia Journal
  • Journal of Construction in Developing Countries (JCDC)
  • IGI Global (Book Chapter)

Please note that the Thinkspace 2023 conference organisers will be involved in the process of paper selections for these special issues, and full-paper submissions must therefore first be submitted to the Thinkspace Conference website. 

The conference organisers may request improvements to articles accepted by the conference prior to recommending such papers for the consideration of this special issue.

Acceptance by the conference is therefore a pre-requisite (but not the only condition) for publication in this special issue

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