The Thinkspace Conference is organized by School of Architecture, Building and Design, Taylor’s University Malaysia with the collaboration together with Impact Lab : Liveable Urban Community. It is the place to broaden your horizon on contemporary issues, challenges and opportunities in the field of sustainable built environment. 

The Thinkspace Conference sees the definitions, debates and concerns of the built environment as intrinsic to humanity on the social, cultural and political discourses.

The coverage explores perceived, conceived and real domain that are critically examined through the sustainable prism. Its focus is cross disciplinary and draws on thinking, craftsmanship/making and wisdom through principles, approaches and elements.  It is inclusive and does invite participation from all sectors: architects, planners, policy makers, artists, academics, the public and community activists. It functions as an open access platform for publication, a forum for debate through conferences, masterclass and workshop, a platform for book publications and also operates as an academic resource repository. It’s social aims can be defined as: promoting an understanding of the role of architecture and the built environment on communities, ecology and society more broadly.

This year Thinkspace Conference 2023 invites all academicians, researchers, and students to participate in the paper presentation and publication for this year theme: 

Resilient Urban Oasis : Cultivating Communities For The Future

Resilient Urban Oasis: Cultivating Liveable Communities for the Future conveys the idea of creating urban environments that are resilient, sustainable, and enjoyable places to live. This year conference theme captures the vision of creating urban areas that are not only resilient but also provide a high quality of life for residents, both now and in the years to come.

Thinkspace Conference 2023 invites researchers, policymakers and social partners to share their knowledge from their fields of expertise according to the sub themes of the Conference: 

Sub Theme One:  Sustainable Urban Design and Planning

This subcategory focuses on creating urban spaces that are designed to be environmentally sustainable, socially inclusive, and economically viable.  

  • Liveable Cities
  • Sustainable Urban Design
  • Sustainable Architecture and Urban Landscape
  • Tropical Urban Design
  • Urban Housing and Communities

Sub Theme Two: Conservation, Education and Awareness

This subcategory emphasizes the importance of educating residents about sustainable practices, environmental conservation, and resilience strategies. It involves promoting environmental literacy, providing educational programs and resources for residents of all ages, and encouraging community participation in sustainable initiatives. 

  • Education, Leadership and Practice
  • Urban Heritage and Cultural
  • Future Digital Technology
  • Resilient Design for Climate Action and Disaster

Sub Theme Three: Sustainable Construction and Infrastructure

This subcategory focuses on incorporating sustainable construction practices and resilient infrastructure systems. It involves using eco-friendly materials, adopting energy-efficient building designs, and implementing green building certifications to minimize the environmental impact of construction projects.

  • Construction and Project Management
  • Green Building and Construction
  • Asset and Facilities Management
  • BIM & Digital Modelling

Abstract Submission

We welcome you to submit Abstracts and present your paper in the conference. 

The conference committee will notify on the acceptance of the abstract with relevant information on paper template and publication tracks. Acceptance/rejection of abstracts will be entirely to the discretion of the conference committee. Please also refer to the selection criteria.

Selection criteria bases on relevance to the contemporary context, relevance to the conference themes, methodology and methods, significance of outcomes and structure of the paper. All carry equal weightage. 

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